It’s about the communities we serve, and the stories they have to tell.

Handheld Stories believes these communities, these stories and these individuals matter.

We envision a world where all people, regardless of their economic or social standing, have the right, the means, andĀ  access to participate in the global conversation. Handheld Stories will be known for contributing to a world where all people have the opportunity to share their stories as informed global citizens, where no one remains underrepresented and where the right to free speech also encompasses the right to be heard.

Our mission is to provide communities confronting critical social issues the tools to digitally document their experiences and share their authentic narratives with the world.

When communities and individuals share their stories with the world, they promote lasting change by:

  • Raising awareness of critical social issues that would otherwise go unrecognized,
  • facilitating creative self-expression, cultural identity and transmission of cultural values and
  • documenting ways of life that are steadily retreating into the past.

What We Believe

We believe that the stories we grow up with, the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we create shape our world views. We recognize theĀ immense transformative power stories have on a people and a culture to influence how we think, act and function in society.

We believe that today’s technologies present unprecedented opportunities for people to learn, communicate and act as informed citizens. However, because they lack access to these technologies many communities in the developing world are left out of the global conversation.

We believe that greater understanding between cultures is promoted by sharing our experiences. When individuals and communities have the tools and training to create and share their experiences the world is a better place.