thier lives

We give video cameras (and training) to communities facing critical social issues so they can show the world what their lives are really like.

Handheld Stories provides communities confronting critical social issues the tools to digitally document their experiences in unique narratives and promote them online. From helping participants to understand their unique circumstances as vital and important stories, to editing the final piece on a laptop or tablet, Handheld Stories helps an authentic voice emerge that’s empowered to address these issues in new and profound ways.

Stories from the workshops...

Dharavi Overview – Mumbai, India

In the Summer of 2012 we traveled to Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India to offer the children there an opportunity of a lifetime. See it all in less than 60 seconds…

My Way Is Blocked – West Bank, Palestine

Life under the occupation complicates even the simplest things – like simply trying to get home after school.

The Making of Lord Ganesha – Mumbai, India

With more than 17,000 views on YouTube, this detailed look at an omnipresent statue in India brings it new meaning.

The Raksi Tradition – Simardahi, Nepal

Having a drink after a hard day’s work is a common reward. Here that reward is shared by the entire family – regardless of age.